Trauma, Food and the Body Symposium 2019
7 days of virtual workshops to help you break free from food and body image issues.
Mark your calendar for August 26th - September 1st!
About the Symposium
How much would you pay to attend a weeks worth of workshops focused on food freedom and healing by top industry experts? Well, put your wallet away because it's free. 

This year's week-long virtual symposium will take place August 26th - September 1st.
What You'll Learn
Through the workshops you'll discover and learn about a range of different topics that will help you change the way you think about food.

You'll also explore different forms of therapy that you can start implementing today! All of this knowledge delivered by top industry experts from across the globe.
Why You Should Register
We've teamed up to bring you top-notch content from 7 world class speakers in the emotional eating space.

Register now and we'll send you the on-demand recordings to watch each day of the week.
Dr. James Greenblatt
Walden Behavioral Care
Nutritional Supplements and other Integrative Therapies to Help with Healing Trauma and Eating Disorders

James Woeber
Art of Heartful Living
Trauma Passed Down through the Generations and Eating Disorders
Stephanie Dodier
Institute of holistic nutrition
Going Beyond the Food
Debra Graugnard
Joyfully Living Wellness
Food as Nurturing, Connection & Safety
Monica Kade
monica kade
How You Can Free Yourself from the Eating Disorder Mindset
Rivka A. Edery
Rivka A. Edery
Trauma and Spirituality
Courtney Phifer
Focus treatment centers
Three Steps to Liberating Yourself from Food Rules
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Mark your calendar for August 26th - September 1st!
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